Witch trainer english

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Enter the security code:. Remember Me. In the game Witch Trainer you have to tame pride and self-confidence, such arrogant and beautiful know-it-all as Hermione Granger. Step by step, you will teach her increasingly perverse and lustful things, after all, making from the diligent student and the sample to follow all of Gryffindor and Hogwarts the most dissolute student in school.

For you to be able to install the game, you need to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources in your phone settings. Added Lady Dimitrescu Outfit for Tonks. Added the ability to chain-load events, or in other words, to allow sending multiple characters out to perform a public request. Disabled surface cache for bit devices and reduced image cache to avoid crashes on memory-starved devices. Fixed inventory bugs causing books and other items to become non-interactive. Fixed rare cupboard crash caused by undefined variable. Fixed quest items cheat, giving access to Time Turner, witch trainer english time loops.

Fixed black screens occuring during some public shaming requests. Fixed Outfit Scheduling ignoring outfit level requirements. Fixed a soft lock on Hardcore difficulty caused by inability to level up Hermione. Removed imagination and speed reading flags as they are no longer used anywhere. Any Weasley Store quest dialogue will play directly after the first introduction so you don't need to leave and come back to see it.

Fixed unsolvable slide puzzle. Fixed ball dress being obtainable before the ball event chain. Fixed Hermione going bald due to too frequent masturbation. Removed unused developer flags. Added initial loading progress bar. Updated and Enabled version upgrade patcher.

Fixed bug where opponent would sometimes place a card on top of another card. Fixed missing image on horizontal bar. Fixed some favours mistakenly being marked as not available. Fixed non-interactive close button during game start. Fixed Hermione's blowjob making the desk disappear. Fixed mods enabled list resetting every restart. Fixed mods loader failing to load mods.

Fixed wrong flag check for item store. Fixed the fireplace extinguishing itself when Tonks hangout was started, making it impossible to get additional friendship points. It crashes the second time I talk to Hermione. I wonder when the Chinese version will be available. Super upset. I am actually fascinated by the wizard card mini game, thats a very nice touch to the mechanic, also the henti is good.

Why cant i use susan bones, or Tonks, or astoria. I tells me i need a new version but this is the newest one why. Please help. The thing I hate about this game is that you are a being of great power, influence and magic. But you constantly have to pamper and treat the spoilt brats in the school well.

Toggle. Enter the security code: Remember Me. Register For This Site. Witch Trainer: Silver Mod [v1. Description: In the game Witch Trainer you have to tame pride and self-confidence, such arrogant and beautiful know-it-all as Hermione Granger. Rating: 6. Changelog v1. Other games:. ADV English. Visual Novel English. RPG English. I see Geni is in the game Reply. Please help Reply. Nog Reply. Crash After launch Reply. Leave a comment Required filds must be filled, e-mail will not be published.

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Witch trainer english

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