Undead lovers walkthrough

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Some characters are easier to raise affection with than others. Cici in particular has a LOT of affection points you can pick up by playing her video game if you make the correct choices. When choosing between affection gains for different characters, it generally makes sense to prioritize the ones who are more difficult to raise, which is what this guide tries to do. Affection point gains in dungeon subevent scenes are usually 3 points per character; gains in story events are usually points. This means that if you neglect Kairi for both of those events, then you can get every other ending.

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You and me, alone? Police station dungeon: 1F x2 y4: Rein her in, Jordan! This unlocks the eastern half of the dungeon. Police station dungeon, continued: 1F x25 y Good times, horsing around. Intervention time. Pearl arc scene 1: You looked after me all along?

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Note that from this point on, dungeon subevents will require you to have specific characters in your party. Mall dungeon story event 1 East x7 y6 : Meet Summer. When she grins aggressively, block. When she swats at her nose, feint.

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When she shakes her hands, feint. When she seems to be waiting for something, attack. When you sense zero nonsense from her, counter. The fight is best 3 out of 5, and the best possible affection gain comes from dragging it out as long as possible while still winning, so you should lose two rounds on purpose and win the rest. Summer has now ed your party. Mall dungeon story event 2 West x7 y25 : I can attest to that.

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Go after Cici: Idiocy kills. You just got a total of 11 affection points with Cici and 2 with Pearl. See what I mean about her scenes throwing a lot of free points at you? the Hunt: Yep, in the face. Your ultimate goal in this area is to get into the labs, but right now you have access to the school and hospital dungeons. Definitely do the school first, as the hospital is much more difficult. Your affection levels after finishing the roadblock scenes should be Pearl 29, Jordan 35, Kairi 26, Summer 36, Cici Get up. At any point after completing the school, you can visit the karaoke bar.

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Hospital story event 1 1F-E x23 y20 : Ladies first. Hospital story event 3 1F-W x4 y21 : No choices, but gives you some free points for Emily and is necessary to continue the game. The other four undead lovers walkthrough have arc scenes that you can see if you have sufficient affection depending on the character and are required for their individual endings. Emily train event: Dancing Dichroma? Jordan train event: No thank you!

We can still pick up a couple of affection points with her anyway, though. Final story event x21 y27 : This le to the final area of the game and the ending sequence. There are no dungeons or fights beyond this point although you can still go back before choosing an ending if you want. Congratulations on completing Undead Darlings! I've seen many people express ire towards the timers in career mode, mainly concerning the order timer, often stating that it's too limited A method to get quick cash mid-game.

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Step 1: Unlock the dancing Layer cosplayer in the park She appears after passing the Fast guide to configure your controller like a pro. Step 1. Enable Xbox Configuration Support Open basic steam client You will also find the Chapter 1: Police Station Opening cutscene: How? This is a dream. Chapter 2.

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Chapter 4: Labs You now have access to the lab dungeon. By thuryl. Post Author: Robins Chew.

Undead lovers walkthrough

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