Trials in tainted space kiro quest

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Mitzi, Bimbo Penny, and Dumbfuck x4 Amber will be pretty awesome as well as far as possible interactions I can imagine. I want to experience everything in full.

Great work. The Sidewinder and Olympia could be permalost without some ship shenanigans. Look, sometimes you get a one- encounter with a space bear, sometimes you get a 50, word dungeon riffing off of Dead Space. Is it possible to get through it without any transformations happening to her or Steele? She is changed over time. I think clearing kiroquest quickly will be how you recruit regular Kiro. Any chance we can use the Buttslutinator on Kiro on the ship or on the way out what with her kicking things and such as she goes would be a real shame if she triped onto it or something when we go into the room with her or is there other butt content coming for her?

This is cool too tho. I killed the doctor and reloaded an earlier save immediately. Gotta start on the level 1 planet and work your way up. As a public player im curious the big differences between regular Kiro and bimbo Kiro as I might have a bit of a fetish for the bimbos.

I wish there was an option to get there just before the final part where she breaks where you can beat Po but then get the option to push her over the edge yourself, same outcome just done by the PC instead. Can you take the sex dolls, and somehow make them not be addictive or transform you? Because I really like the bunny, goth and demon. Proudly powered by WordPress. Blackoot de by Iceable Themes. I am at least 18 years old. Remember me. Search for:. Fenoxo's Blog. Art Changelog TiTS.

To trigger it, simply have trust and fly between planets until you get a distress call. Then bitch about how long other travel events are, fly some more, and then get the real Kiro distress call.

She has five possible win scenes and a unique bad end! Amber got a new scene in the imagepack for her Anno threesome. New frog girl scene written by William. Various fixes and tweaks. Regular Kiro will have an event where she offers to your crew.

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Trials in tainted space kiro quest

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