Splitting chapter 2 walkthrough

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In this chapter we are able to earn quite a few achievements, but I will point those out throughout this section. For now I would like to focus on two in particular. Wordcrafter Craft 30 Words. If you're playing through on your non-wordscrambler run, odds are you've made a few random words to help fulfil this requirement. One thing to note is that you need to spell 30 unique words.

Words you have spelt before do not count. You can tell whether or not a word is new or not by looking in the bottom left corner when spelling. You can check to see which words you've spelt in the stats option in the menu. The other achievement you'll earn progress towards in this chapter is the Liar achievement.

This achievement requires you to spell the word LIE at every possible opportunity in the game. There are three areas in Chapter 2 and four areas in Chapter 3 and I will point them out within the walkthrough when they appear. Now at the start of the chapter, we end up inside a cave with syringes coming out of the ceiling. If one of these stabs you, you will be poisoned, disorienting your screen. To cure this poison, you need to make a "good" word i. Good words are characterized by the orange area of effect around them and when inside, you are protected from enemies. Be careful though, if you are poisoned and stabbed again by a syringe, you'll die.

After the cutscene, continue to the right and you'll be stabbed by a syringe hanging from the ceiling. Before jumping across the gap, fall into it and you'll land on a wooden platform. Keep climbing down and you'll see the quotation on your left. Quotation Hunter Collect 12 Quotations. Head back up and to the right and you'll get stabbed again. On the other side of the laser you'll see the letters D, S, and A and a syringe above them.

Head out of the bubble and get stabbed, then immediately go back into the bubble before proceeding. This is because the syringes have a cooldown timer. So by getting stabbed and then immediately clearing yourself of the poison, you gain more time to solve the puzzles. Once you do that, head back out and pick up the D and place it on the other side splitting chapter 2 walkthrough the letters and push it towards the gap. This will allow you to push the SA across the gap to the FE on the other side.

Push them together to create the word SAFE. Hop over the mushroom and through the laser and get stabbed by the syringe. Push this as far as you can to the right and jump over the mushroom that is blocking it.

Rearrange them to spell LOVE and continue on to the right. You'll be stabbed but continue on to the right and you'll fall into the word FREE. Head to the right and you'll get a cutscene where an enemy will come down and create a FEAR enemy behind you. After the cutscene, head to the right and push the letters together to make the word CUT and continue on to the right.

You will come to a "LEAP" ledge and when you jump off, you'll jump onto some letters. No need to adjust your position as you auto position yourself onto them, you just need to press. After you perform your "Leap of Faith" and are back safe on the ground, head to the right and stand a good distance back from the wall as an elevator will come down and squish you if you're underneath it.

Get inside and ride it up and exit to the right. Run and jump quickly across it as the O and the Splitting chapter 2 walkthrough fall out, creating a gap. This is where we will get some more of our achievements in this level and also work towards some more. First off, head over to the letter board. NOTE: This is not the same as using the wordscrambler.

There are more areas like this in the game as well. These are simply letter generators.

The first word we are going to want to make it HAT. So make that word using the letter board and confirm it. Once the word is created, your character will have a hat on his head, and more importantly you'll get yourself an achievement:. Fancy Wear a fancy HAT. Next, we are going to make our first lie. Make the word LIE from the letterboard. Once it is spelt out, it will turn red and turn into a little robot. These LIE robots transform words into their opposites i.

There are puzzles later in the game that require using LIE bots to solve them, and the Antonymizer minigame is centred around them.

The next achievement we will work towards is the Versitile achievement. I used KBop a doo's solution to solve this. You essentially need to use words to solve the puzzles here, then retry the puzzles and solve it using different words ten times. Make sure you upvote her solution here as it helped me a lot! Versatile Restart any puzzle and solve it with a different word. Now on to the actual solution for the puzzle itself.

Next, go back to the letter box and make the word STOP. Push this right to the front of the red laser on the right side.

Head over to the lever and pull it. This will deactivate the laser for a short time. Once it's built it will raise the platform, so you need to quickly head over to where the platform below the ladder is and jump up there before the laser comes back on, otherwise you'll need to start over. Once on the platform, climb up the ladder and head to the right. Once the container is at the top, spell the word MOVE and the gun below you will move to the right into the loading bay, which will lower the gate in front of you.

Pull the lever here and it will load the gun with bullets and once it's loaded the gate in front of you will drop. You will see the gun below you on a platform with two levers, with the left lever raising the platform and the right lever lowering it. There is also a red laser coming out of the gun which, when jumped through, shoots the bullets so be careful otherwise you'll die.

Head to the right and you'll enter a cutscene where an enemy will create a LIE. You'll get blown back towards the gun and you'll need to use it to kill it. You'll notice there are three trumpets on the enemy, emitting noise. Quickly keep running to the right, drop down from the ledge, and pull the lever to create the word OPEN. Rearrange these letters to make the word ON to activate the switch and which will activate the elevator. Head back to the right and head right from the elevator. Climb in between the platforms and up the ladder on the other side. Now grab the R and jump off with it, and walk behind the LIE splitting chapter 2 walkthrough and direct him to the right.

Swap out the G with the R to create the word RAIN and it will put out the fire in front of you, allowing you to walk across the pit and climb up the ladder on the other side. Keep heading to the right, past a bunch of piles of letters, until you get to a board with the word USE on it, and just past it, the word PART on the ground.

You need to get close enough to trigger the trap and then quickly back away so it smacks the ground.

Do this two more times and the S will break off from the USE. Create it and push it towards the left towards the word LIVE. Turns out this is also a trap. Now before we head to the right, were gonna push GOOD down to the left. This will bust open the door in front of you, allowing you to continue on to the right.

Keep going to the right and you'll see another "Leap of Faith" you'll need to perform. But instead, you'll need to quickly run and jump across this structure to reach the other side before it collapses. If you're too slow simply select retry from the pause menu. Once on the other side, you have to climb up and then navigate through some timed fire traps. When you drop down into this area, you need to quickly rearrange the letters here to make the word SOLID. Head down the hole here and continue to the right and you'll come to another times fire area.

You will drop into an area with two walls. Once you pull the lever, the HATE enemy will come running towards you, and you need to rearrange the letters to spell the word LIE quickly enough that the HATE enemy doesn't eat any letters before it takes effect. What I did to combat this was to set it up piece by piece, then jump on top of to splitting chapter 2 walkthrough it and over the HATE enemy, run to the far side, jump on top of and over it again and run back and continue constructing the word, and I repeated this until I was able to get it.

Right after this platform, you'll see a hanging H, hanging I, hanging D and a hanging E. Jump on the mushroom to the right of the hanging E and jump onto the hanging E, making your way across until you get to the hanging H. You will come to a ledge and once you reach the end of it, a cutscene will play. A FEAR enemy will show up and poison you.

Then you'll jump off the ledge and an enemy splitting chapter 2 walkthrough create a DOOM enemy behind you. As soon as you can, run to the letters in front of you and try your best to rearrange the letters into the word CLOSE to help you progress forward. Now we have an opportunity for two achievements: One for making it through the fire while poisoned, and one for making it through the fire without dying you do not need to be poisoned for this. Below I will post clips of me doing both runs but I will also do my best to provide a text guide for it as well. Now for the text guide.

Creating FIRM will clear you of your poison effects. So make sure you jump over it. Jump over the gap a bit further on and you'll come to a metal rod over a fire pit. While running, jump three times to ensure you'll make it without falling through as the platform will collapse. Continuing on, you'll pass under a crate which will fall down once you pass it.

You'll soon come to a barrel with fire spraying out of it. Make sure you stop if you need to to get safely through and continue running and drop off the ledge and land on the mine cart below. Quickly run and jump over the next set of falling pipes and you'll reach some hanging letters. To cross these, hold to the right and once the letter you're on is even with the letter you're trying to get to, make the jump.

Splitting chapter 2 walkthrough

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The Splitting: Chapter 2 – Walkthrough