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Day 01 —————————————————————————————————. RWhen nobody in]. The dialogue will tell you to go to CT. Day 02 —————————————————————————————————. Peek on Lana. She gets a bit annoyed at first but it le to some dialogue later.

Day 3 —————————————————————————————————. Be able to open M. Day 4 —————————————————————————————————. Day 5 —————————————————————————————————. Day 6 —————————————————————————————————.

Day 7 —————————————————————————————————. Mother refused lead to other Earth call. Day 8 —————————————————————————————————. Day 9 —————————————————————————————————. You can try make the new Bikini, but Save before try to make it out, if not success, you can learn a bit more and try later. You can try to make the new Bikini in the Learn how to Program time.

Day 10—————————————————————————————————. If tempting to spray her but it pisses her off. Day 11—————————————————————————————————. Day 12—————————————————————————————————. Check the camera feed. Day 13—————————————————————————————————. R Talk to Lana you can ask her what she wants or get a show for undressing. Day 14—————————————————————————————————. Day 15—————————————————————————————————. Day 16—————————————————————————————————. Continue Polish the Solar Panels few days until result out or new staff come. Feel free to peek on their shower or the View on the Beach.

Day 18—————————————————————————————————. Talk to Rebecca, you can ask all 3 question. Day 18 ————————————————————————————————— Some Error Appear on spaced out f95 Game, it should be Day 19 ———————————————. Day 19—————————————————————————————————. Day 20—————————————————————————————————. Day 21—————————————————————————————————.

Day 22—————————————————————————————————.

Day 23—————————————————————————————————. Day 24—————————————————————————————————. Day 25—————————————————————————————————. You can pick Rebecca or Lana to play next game. Day 26—————————————————————————————————. Day 27—————————————————————————————————.

Day 28—————————————————————————————————. Day 29—————————————————————————————————. Day 30—————————————————————————————————. Day 31—————————————————————————————————. Day 32—————————————————————————————————. Day 33—————————————————————————————————. Day 34—————————————————————————————————. Day 35—————————————————————————————————. First Story Line ends, I guess. Here should be the Second Story Line.

They show different marks to First Story Line. Five Camera can be seen, may increase later, only can be check after night. You must be logged in to post a comment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Here we will explain the term and formatting, so you can see at a glance what is meant when they come up later. Before we get started, here as few terms that will be used as shorthand during the doc to keep areas clean. The same is true for unlisted prerequisite scenes, as long as you have viewed the arc scenes. Day — This refers to the minimum s of days past in game before this scene will play out.

Some scenes need a given amount of time to have passed, sometimes along with other requirement, to be triggered. For easiness sake, in this doc we will pretend Afternoon covers all the time before the gameplay, and Evening denotes all the time after the gameplay. Each day, up to one scene per day segment spaced out f95 be triggered. Debt Remaining — This denotes the amount of money Noe has cleared off her debt via the tips earned in the gameplay sections as her. You have to be less than or equal to this to see the scene!

This should always be rising so the lower the listed here the easier it is to unlock the scene. You have to be greater than or equal to this to see the scene! Nerve — The most important stat of the group as it come up in everything. It marks how willing in general she to do things a shy, conservative girl would.

Main Stat for all arcs Romance — This marks how susceptible the usually pragmatic girl is to acts of romance and mushy feelings. She has a loving side that is locked away but some people can still pull her strings. She has a spaced out f95 ruthless businesswoman side and she may go to extreme lengths to make thing go in her favour. That is doubly true when Sal is the one on the other side. We think we have exactly that in this system. As opposed to the old Restaurant Runner v0.

The theme is not as much about earning your tips, though that is a big part of it, but in also the day to day battling between the restaurants. This is the ultimate goal of the gameplay, to earn as much of this as possible as it drives the main story scenes progression for Noe along with other stats and the side event lines for the girls. Stress — Stress levels are tracked by each girl and the more they are used the more stressed they get. The more stressed they are, the more they are likely to slip up and cause problems for the restaurant or earn less money for themselves.

Stress also help you to not become dependent on one girl over the others! The higher it is, the more customers you can get in per day, meaning more money flows your way. It also means you are more of a threat to Sal, so he will meddle more in your affairs the higher it is. Rep can also be burned, if high enough, for high risk actions.

Little Toscana Restaurant Rep also can affect the unlocking of main story scenes. Day by Day Each day, Noe or rather the player must as her team to tasks for the day. Each day, Noe can give herself and all available girls spaced out f95 job for the day.

The possible activities and their potentials are listed below. These outcomes are decided after all jobs for the day are ased and confirmed. Outcomes can range from good to bad for each job, and largely depend on the stress level of the girl performing them at the time. The outcomes can simply be skipped like a normal VN scene.

An example of a Good Outcome is a low stressed waitress waiting a table, she is calmer and more pleasant, therefore earning a nice tip. An example of a Bad Outcome is a high stressed waitress waiting a table, she is strung out and easy to irritate, hence she earns a lower tip. After the Outcomes are shown, a wrap up UI is shown to highlight changes and allow for early planning for the next day. Activities The activities and their outcomes available to Team Noe are as follow: Wait Tables max 2 girls, min 1 girl : The girl ased to this job works the main floor and interacts with customers.

She earns tip money for herself that day, but the job has long hours and involves moving all day so is stressful. Kriem can drum and play live music, spaced out f95 Kelsey can dance, things like that. These can be hit and miss, depending on stress and an element of randomness, as well as any meddling from Sal. They can post fliers around, use the social media s, meet with locals outside the shop… pretty much anything needed to get the word out.

This can be a tiring job and highly depends on the stress levels going in if it is positively or negatively effective, but it can help with the reputation better than anything. The can relieve their stress this way, and in a big way, but they do nothing else for the restaurant. The other girls have them too, allowing them to be trainable and suit different tasks better.

Theirs are not used in the story. This is War after all! Sal will place a trap in some of the tasks, how many depends on how much of a challenge you are to his reputation at that time. Think of these as Offensive or Defensive plays in the war with Sal. Proactive versions allow for bolder actions and possibly bigger rewards if successful.

Spaced out f95

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