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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews UI issues. Great game Is extremely grinding but once you start to use cheats-for money and travel Great Scenarios and not just one scene with characters. Just remember to use the cheats and the English translation! Great choices in material and scenarios, but awful translations which can be fixed by mods but even more glaringly an obscene amount of grinding.

Without a guide, you won't be able to make ificant progress with any of the characters as there are requirements for certain characters you need to be aware of and so much time management. You have to repeat the same dialogue with characters so many times just to make an inch of progress and any time you don't spend wisely will end up costing you time grinding your stats.

There is a certain date limit and that can pretty much end your entire efforts if you didn't for it. Ui was a chore to navigate, I got lost several times and that took up time and thus cost me events and grinding for that day. When you are not grinding, you don't have the energy to do much else, and picking the wrong dialogue with characters can reverse your progress.

So many characters, so much grind, so little time to do it right, you need to follow a guide step by step to do it correctly and at that point, you should look up a video or something. This is as of 0. Pros: It is amazingly huge. Sometimes the grind factor son of a bitch f95 character development seems to have little to no effect on all of them.

Would love to see the challenges based on the grind to all characters and not a few. University grind is missing and it has an attendance record which should be in the UI. If you look past the terrible translation and UI, it is incredibly immersive. The only way it would have been even more immersive is if it was an open-world sandbox game. The dev should focus on gameplay improvements as his content is pretty good at this point. That being said he should not be negligent on content-wise updates.

The dev should find a good balance between the 2. But for those game-fappers out there, this is a must-try game. Will update my vote if the above cons are mitigated since not all of them can be eliminated in one update. Please update uii mean more graphics or decors will make it better the game,i really want to see this game perfect, nice work guys.

Most frustrating game I have ever played. But I love it! Am looking forward to the next update. Hope it is soon. Lots of thought went into this game. The characters have personalities. Not just a sex game but a real test of gaming skills. Won't bother berating the horrible translation, since that's been done forever. Avenger has a great eye for porn actresses and scenes that match the plot. The amount of work gone into that alone is crazy. Fav scene is still Irina not letting you leave till you fuck the shit outta her. The young models are appropriate for their character. No need for codecs and other bullshit, self-contained.

Cons: shit translation le to being "lost" a lot. This guys using actual clips. I just can't get over the eye this guy has plus I assume the encyclopedic type knowledge he has of the models and movies they've done, then cutting clips from the actual movie.

Just impressed with the amount of work put into this. If the translation gets to a point where I know what the fuck is going on in better detail, it will be an even more immersive game than is at the moment, but for me it's a pretty good plot that you can really immerse yourself in as the MC as is. Currently supporting on Patreon, I'm that impressed. Version reviewed: 0. Not a whole lot of bugs in the main Russian version. Plus there's a ton of content, lots of women and paths to take.

It's the top of any QSP game that I have played thus far. Which is why this game is so popular. Bad translations, it doesn't look nice and - it's just bad as it is right now. It should have been made much better by now.

As it is right now, it isn't worth playing. I played for 5 min. This has be the mother off all QSP games coming out of mother Russia. Yes the machine translation is horrible like most of these games, but you will smirk the next time you fuck a character cancer instead of doggy. The reason this game deserves 5 stars is just the sheer amount off content. It is currently standing at almost 11 gigs. This isn't true for all characters but the majority do keep the same model which adds to the immersion. Plus for those who like to tinker with their games, if you are into QSP games this is on of the easier ones to to start editing the executable.

Excellent story driven content with very good implementation. The only downside of this super game is the poor machine translation,which spoils some joy from non russian speakers. Personally i cant blame any game dev for creating a game in their native language, so even if sometimes i find it myself difficult to understand some phrases ,i would wholeheartedly rate it with 5 stars.

SoaB is a big good game. A lots events, girls, and not that much grind. And every update is real. This game needs some improving. Though that saying that, the game has quite a lot of content and a long way to go.

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Son of a bitch f95

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