Sex slave arena

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter K3NJ1 Start date May 30, 2d game 2dcg animated bdsm big tits bukkake censored combat creampie fantasy female protagonist footjob groping group sex handjob humiliation interracial sex slave arena game lesbian male protagonist masturbation monster multiple endings multiple penetration oral sex rape slave vaginal sex voiced.

Discussion Reviews 1. K3NJ1 I'm so smart it hurts Modder. Jul 26, 1, 12, Overview: Control the ogre to violate the swordswoman in this erotic battle action game. The ogre and swordswoman who had been kept as slaves were forced to fight Use the ogre's overwhelming strength to defeat the swordswoman and enjoy a variety of actions to sexually assault her. If you manage to restrain her, the crowd will in to violate her. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited: May 31, Reactions: glookozavrAngeRkompotpl and others.

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Oct 1, Sweet, I get to rape an ogre. Forgepuppy Member. Oct 6, Reactions: shinmauruBarnableWalpurgisX and 12 others. Veniat Newbie. Aug 15, 34 I really don't get why male protags are so often sex slave arena in Japanese hentai games, rather play just a regular male guy more often. Games pretty fun though. Reactions: bjornt2BadAtTechZibra and 3 others.

Apr 29, Veniat said:. Ferghus Active Member. Aug 25, 1, Last edited: May 30, PoEbalu Active Member. Apr 27, 1, Rick24 Member. Feb 12, Sep 24, 85 Footjob is only in story mode? Because i dont know why but in story, it's bugged when i do the first scene i cant continue with ogre and warrior.

Ferghus said:. No, but for realsies, it's probably because no one identifies with "regular male guys. But the problem with Rance is that he's like the literal definition of a Chad, and some people get butthurt over seeing those. But taking the genre of the game intoyou can't have them looking like average joe dudes, because average joe dudes don't fit the mental profile of someone that beat up women in most civilized countries. Reactions: FarhanmusoukaxivSole and 2 others.

NuclearJ New Member. Jan 31, 9 Hey, I removed the mosaic censor in the fight if anyone wants it. Kokujou Newbie. May 19, 70 XD i don't even get the story mode. Reactions: Jackson Demokaze Member.

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Jul 15, Rick24 said:. Real men nowadays are effeminate pussies, striped off their masculinity and pride by feminists.

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Reactions: noytorImpose69ztare and 13 others. Shadow Word: Porn Newbie. Mar 27, 35 Imo Rance is more like a rapist thug with plot amor Reactions: warbobRama and sonhot.

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Nov 13, 2 Reactions: musoukaxivRamaEmhyr and 3 others. I finally figured it - if you press ESC in game you can see the controls menu. Scroll down in-game for more. Punching causes Stun, while Kicking will cause Down. Reactions: grobulosSilito13 and Eltar.

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Down the Warrior with your kicks. Once she's down, you can grab her with A and move her towards the pillory. Then, press Z when you're at the pillory for an instant win. I beat the warrior twice normally and once with the pillory. It's all I did to unlock the warrior. When playing as the warrior just beat the ogre normally the grab becomes sex slave arena touch yourself button btw.

I beat him once and played through the Warrior's story mode and it unlocked the gallery. Reactions: megalol. Game Developer. Jun 19, 1, 4, Play as an ogre and subdue a female in an arena in front of everyone you say? But she can also do the same to you as well Reactions: ShadowSarakaiRaiden 97choochoo and 9 others. May 4, NuclearJ said:. Show hidden low quality content.

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Sex slave arena

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Sex Slave Arena