Rick and morty unity ending

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Rick And Morty started as a cult sci-fi sitcom on Adult Swin in and quickly became a smash worldwide. The series follows the adventures of scientist Rick and his grandson Morty with the show blending comedy, action, horror, drama, and just about every other genre. Rick And Morty has run for four seasons thus far and due to Adult Swim renewing it for 70 episodes back init should last for a good few years yet. While Rick And Morty is primarily a comedy series, it features surprisingly deep characterization too.

Rather than the character's being one-note stereotypes, the flaws and traumas of every member of the family has been explored throughout the series. While Rick Sanchez may be a flat-out genius, he's also portrayed as deeply lonely and self-destructive and tends to shun feeling emotions whenever possible.

Rick And Morty season 2 episode 4 "Auto Erotic Assimilation" explored who could love such a flawed example of the human race and reveals he used to date Unity, an alien hive mind that's assimulated an entire planet. Shortly after reuniting, Rick and Unity - mostly portrayed by guest star Christina Henricks - dive into a debauched bout of group sex and drug-taking while Morty and Summer explore the planet alone.

Summer is horrified by Unity stealing the free will of the planet, but when certain parts of the population are freed from Unity's control, they immediately embark on a race war against their own kind. Summer and Morty are quickly rescued, with the former trying to break them up again as she realizes Rick is a destructive influence on Unity.

Unity comes to this realization herself because while she's in love with Rick, she knows his own self-loathing will eventually spell doom for them both. This Rick And Morty episode ends with Unity breaking up with Rick via notes, and the scientist then he back home.

He's confronted by Beth about an alien prisoner she and Jerry encountered in the garage earlier, but she's notably terrified her father will just up and left the family again since that's how he deals with negative emotions. Instead, he agrees to her conditions before heading to the garage. He comforts the distressed creature before vaporizing it with a ray, before putting his own head in the machine; before it can fry him too he passes out.

Rick And Morty is usually guarded when it comes to portraying Rick's emotions but this suicidal gesture is arguably the show's saddest moment and showed Rick at his most vulnerable. A similar moment of tragic introspection happened at the end of season 4's "The Old Man and the Seat," where a battle over a toilet again laid bare the loneliness at Rick's core and his fear of connecting with others in any meaningful way.

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Rick and morty unity ending

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'Rick and Morty' fans will never forget Season 2's darkest moment