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We are talking big, beautiful butts.

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Since there are over 3 billion whores in this world and God knows how many in the universe, we have picked some of the biggest, roundest, and curviest female asses there are. Yes, everyone has a butt and with a nice pair of heels you can fool a lot of men, but this is a true-to-life list.

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The most beautiful, pink assholes from all over the globe. Not only that, but a lot of these do anal too. I mean, what is a point of a giant butt if you do not fuck it? This list will feature white female models only, if you are not into that, please check our posts on best Asian asses and best black asses. I have read that the reason for us men liking big asses is simple. Too bad that all of them are whores. Plump breasts and big ass wider than the Grand Canyon… Sybil would be a great tourist attraction for the seekers of the round, big butts.

It might be hard to stick your cock down that fluffy pussy because of the angle, but then again… Only the greatest of male organs can plow this curvy babe. Grill her with a dab of warm cum for this beautiful cut of American meat. Jesus fucking Christ, this bitch knows how to fuck, and she loves to get fucked. If you are looking for someone fresh and truly passionate, just look at pornstars best ass way she moves and all that. You know what you must do now, whip your dick out. Of course, she does analand as you might expect, her booty is bigger than a pornstars best ass watermelons.

The only downside that I can think of is the smallest tits on the planet. Have you also noticed that Kelsi is tanning too? Her sense of style might be out of fashion, but it does not matter when you have a big ass like hers. I have found that true with most things in life. You can overlook small issues if the bigger picture which is her butt is still there. The best punishment is always sex according to the laws of porn logic. Some asses are big, some are bubble or pear-like, but the ultimate factor could be genetics. Both are huge, right?

However, this one despite its similar size is way smoother. It could also be exercise as this one is a lot more muscular. The age difference maybe? Like licking non-sensitive parts of the ass or whatever. The scene is cringe-worthy, but Carolina Cortez goes one step further. Nude pictures, porn video trailers, and a tag line implying something extraordinary. If you live in Mexico, this is where she is from. Show us her seminars and drop a comment below. There is something alien-like about Loren but in the sexiest way possible.

Could be the lighting or that tan, maybe all black make-up and tattoos. Looking at her you can immediately tell that Minardi is a pornstar and not a trashy whore like many. Just someone who bangs and hangouts with elite modes only.

A beautiful, sensual, and anal demanding, big butt pornstar from the Brazzers network. I am thankful to see a fake dick of color different than yellow, so there are no tranny associations at any point. Another big ass pornstar, Sarah Vandella, and her thick bottom from the deepest layers of the universe. Has been in business for over 10 years and with hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter. Of course, she does anal and most of you would recognize her in public. Some rappers that play for 10 years barely reach fans, yet this pornstar albeit different profession is as popular as hot dogs at the ball game.

With all-natural booty and no implants, American Demi Lowe is entering the realms of bubble-delicious pornstars. Her only sin is that Demi did not do many scenes outside the Monster Curves site. Over the years, she has made a name for herself and is now considered to be the most skilled, ass-riding pornstars on the pornstars best ass.

Being born in Texas, you know that you can expect at least some of the skills, and her ass is a piece of art. Thankfully, she does it all, from deepthroating to anal and the old-school vaginal. We are getting a bit tired of her. So, only this spot, at least for now. You can see how good she fucks in the video above, really pounding that cock, be it to the ass or pussy, and not taking or slowly either. Another famous ass that must be included on our list: Valentina Nappi. Yeah, we are doing a porn rhyme.

A godly place where the asses are served fresh, with buttholes super tight and bodies worthy of an Oscar. Peek at that round butt. Premature ejaculation is guaranteed. Even without the oil or extra lube, it looks like a piece of art that should be preserved. Great curves and cock bending booty. You can see she is cool about it too, fist-bumping with a fellow male pornstar. My balls are swelling just by the thought of me fucking her in the butt.

Not only is she a queen of round butts, but also the king and the princess. One of those thick booties that look too good in real life, causing premature ejaculation.

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I did almost cream my pants just looking at the GIF. Now for a full video…. My shoulders are too broad, making it a pain in the ass to buy clothing. Case in point? Alura Jenson has so much ass that it bends gravity. Shopping for panties for sure is a nightmare. Her L-shaped meat cannon is so wide that small to medium-size dicks will not penetrate through. Do you accept the challenge? Pull out those cock pumps from the drawers and start training. The big ass pornstars require equally sized assholes to unify the look. She has all bases covered!

Think of this duo as a freezer and a beer. Curvy, with sexy assholes inviting you. Plus, yoga pants should be mandatory to wear in public. The butts do look rather tasty, like a fresh cup of orange juice or morning pancakes.

Lick it, taste it, anal fuck it. This is exactly what these two pornstars pornstars best ass doing in the video above. This is the epitome of the highest quality porn, pornstars best ass the most beautiful butts out there, adding to our top 10 list just makes sense. If you are into pale white, non-tanned asses then this video will blow your head off, and we are not talking human head, no, it was a penis joke. Anyway, just let her ride and keep quiet. She must have some sort of ass implants, right? One of the best butts in the market. If you care to know more about Iggy, she is from the US and started doing porn while only Mandy Muse?

More like ass muse. Her round ass is massive, and I am not talking about fat, disgusting massive. This is a true jewel to look at. Hopefully, one of you, brave souls will have an opportunity to fuck her in your dreams. Bubbly round ass with some curves but not too much, the asshole that is well hidden and is waiting for a cock, and few tattoos indicating that she is a true whore. Also, an interesting choice for her first name. Is it some sort of joke? I know that this top 10 is all about the biggest asses, but what do you think about her pussy?

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It might be too small for me if such a thing is even possible. At least the flaps are not hanging. So, if you have a very specific taste or niche this fuck star is for you. Happy fapping.

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If you look at the video above, the ass is just massive, and it is not just tons of fucking fat. It is the epitome of winning the asshole and butt gene lottery, making Anikka one of the luckiest pornstars on the planet. Her pussy looks a bit strange for some reason must be due to multiple dicks and continuous fuckingbut the butt is all we need. At least she knows how to move it, bouncing and exposing the best ass curves without taking a sweat.

Pornstars best ass

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