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Paprika Trainer v1. Spies kissing CGs added Flashbang Belt upgrade made available Jetpack gadget added Drone upgrade can now target enemies in the back of the room. FreeRoam mode added after credits Bugfixes. Social trees finished for all 3 spies. New stockings and gloves added for all 3 girls. Story continued Last milkshake bar menu option added. New paprika trainer for Clover Went back paprika trainer added a lot of new facial expressions to older scenes Reduce chance of false positive with antivirus Silva job reports Milkshake bar job reports Some minor voice work added Bugfixes I mean… obviously.

Expect bugs, so save often and in different slots! Girls can call you different names now. Can now skip instantly to next landgrab, but you can lose agents during an attack. Additional tutorials added. Greatly reduced prices for outfits, materials and staff. Buy multiple gadget materials. Can no longer hire unlimited staff for the milkshake bar. Photo quests rewards added: buttplugs, slave collars, gags beta.

Mission environment interact with gun beta Made lootable mission items more clear Bar decorations for Aces, Punks and Outsiders Added new character model who can be used as backup during missions Hire staff for a passive daily income Take the path of the Brewer allows reading at night and serve milkshakes during the day for money New mission backgrounds beta Increased chance to get nanobot injectors when going undercover. New Drift Punk lt.

Which means maybe not too much new stuff in this update. The new stuff One really good critique that I got was someone saying to not put too many eggs in one basket. I took that advice to heart and have been working on fleshing out some of the game mechanics. First up…! New animation! With plenty of art and possible animationsstory, items and outfits and of course lots and lots of dripping, nasty, unforgivable p-….

The goal is to have more interesting gameplay in this one. in. Log into your. Forgot your password?

Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Tuesday, July 20, Get help. NEW Latest Ongoing. Treasure of Nadia [v.

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens [v0. Casting Director [v0. Kronos Time Titan [v0. Fantasy Trainer [v1. Paprika Trainer [v1. Timestamps — Chapter 1: Unconditional Love [v1. Acting Lessons [v1. Corrupted Kingdoms [vv0. Secret Care Cafe [v0.

Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. Home Completed Paprika Trainer. FreeRoam mode added after credits Bugfixes v1.

Check it out! Vigor pills now have a use All girl nicknames are now unlocked A lot of bug fixes v0. These are old Jester Card rewards.

Reset button added in the 2DYE4 store. New facial expressions added to old scenes Added new background to all 5 mission areas requires grappling hook Hookshot points added in missions Relation on Status screen now reflects how close a friend you are to your spies Placeholder art replaced Art assets for modeling overhaul added not yet implemented Bugfixes like always v0.

Britney CG added Bugfixes v0. Added a mini game to the strip scene. Allowing you to tip money for the girls to take off clothing. Added a new obstacle to missions. A hackable gate. New social for Silva and Clover Bugfixes v0. Finished the groundwork for the Businessman Expansion Kit which was promised after I hit 3k.

The update will most likely be added if it gets through bugtesting next month. Dev Notes. Can you play with all three girls? How paprika trainer are you going to make me grind? Anything new? Download For Win. Download For MAC. Download For Android v1.

ATM codes. Codes for v1. Bound by Lust [v0. Extracurricular Activities [v1. The Intoxicating Flavor [v0. Radiant [v0. Hillside [v0. Amity Park [Redux][GZone]. College Kings [v Sweet Affection [v. Lucky Paradox [v0.

Let's Try! Anna Exciting Affection [Ch. Tales Of Androgyny [ v0. Holiday Island [v0. Sponsored Content. Support Us. Privacy Policy Contact Terms of Service.

Paprika trainer

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