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Lith is a character I have created, partly from myself, and I have worked to infuse him with life and all the unfortunate details that involves over several years. The goal of MVOL is to explore his nature, to get to know him from every angle, and to gradually come to understand his underlying issues.

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The game ends when you bring him resolution, one way or another. Hope you guys find it interesting I find feedback delicious. While I can get at least a little feedback on my stories, I know MVOL gets a much larger readership— but I get much less feedback on my writing.

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Trying to set the tone right for returning to the stone door was tricky. This stage is very much about you and the interface, the gameplay, and the story all trying to meet in the middle.

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So what is the purpose of MVOL? To help you get to know Lith. Lith is my original character, and he existed long before MVOL. So the plan for v0.

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Got a few announcements today! Terror is a kind of excitement, right? This is one of those notorious penultimate Parts to a Chapter where everyone gets upset, before the final Part resolves everything.

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You can find it on SoFurry and FurAffinity. The question, from Ashura:. So here it is: the full origin story of both Lith and the game.

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MVOL v Flowing, Morphing, Changing