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Twilight re to Rarity some of the postcards she's gotten from Star Swirl the Bearded during his travels around Equestria to learn about friendship. Cozy Glow arrives, announcing a delivery of sewing machines for Rarity as well as a bunch mlp friendship university flyers they got. Twilight is shocked to see that they are for a new Friendship University in Las Pegasus, claiming to be able to teach students in half the time of other schools.

Seeing that their students are considering transferring, Twilight and Rarity make a trip to investigate the school. There, they quickly discover the school is run by Flim and Flam, mlp friendship university even more astoundingly, they are about to be accredited by none other than Chancellor Neighsay, who has been impressed with their lesson plans. Twilight and Rarity remain highly dubious, but when Flim and Flam show them that Star Swirl has enrolled there, Neighsay gives them their accreditation without any further question.

Failing to convince Star Swirl of Flim and Flam's Con Artist nature, Twilight and Rarity decide to disguise themselves to investigate the school further. Rarity, dressing in street clothes and going by the name Plainity, easily becomes Flam's star student, but finds nothing wrong in the material they are teaching. Twilight, unfortunately, has a paper-thin disguise. She manages to sneak into the brothers' office to study their coursework, but further finds nothing wrong with their lessons.

Just then, Flim and Flam arrive, and having seen through her disguise, snap a picture and threaten to blackmail her and her school if she doesn't stop investigating. Meeting with Rarity later, Twilight learns that Flim and Flam do not actually charge tuition, but force students to pay a hefty fee for the coursework material needed for classes. Caring little if her reputation is harmed, Twilight follows Flim and Flam to their office, where they go into a secret room with all of their earnings from the school.

Flim and Flam discuss to themselves how long to continue the con, raising enough funds to expand their Las Pegasus resort.

When Twilight confronts them, the brothers admit to their fraud, having gotten a copy of Twilight's original lesson plans for the school. Then Rarity shows up, revealing that she's heard everything—and so has Star Swirl, who's been with her all along. Now that Twilight has leverage of her own, Film and Flam agree to pay back all of the ponies and shut down the school.

Star Swirl apologizes to Twilight and says that should he need lessons in the future, he will definitely go to Twilight's school. Back at her school, Twilight is glad everything is resolved but expresses concern to Rarity of how Flim and Flam got a copy of her lesson plans. Just then, Cozy Glow arrives to see if Rarity needs any more help with her sewing machines.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. I have an eye patch. Neighsay: Ah, yes, how to teach friendship to creatures who will one day use it as a weapon against us. Twilight: How could they use friendship as a weapon?!

Neighsay: You tell me, it's your book. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Mlp friendship university

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