Lust effect walkthrough

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Post Next Post. Trending Posts. Lust Affect the Passage of 1. Finally speak with a Glyph, order old. Bedtime examining the wreckage. Take Garrus and Ashley. Get 64 cu and 13 Ez. Total 2 the apostate. Day 2 Chakaem mail, read the letter Aria.

Go up to the infirmary collected 74 cu, undress Miranda. Hall of Assembly is not marked with the icon, but it is possible to catch odinochku.

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Go to Diana, give info, received an invitation to have sex tomorrow. Bedtime fly with Garrus revenge. We take another Ashley. Bonus cu and 15 Ez. Total 6 the apostate. Day 3 Get funding Alliance 75 cu. Buy anal be. Go to Diana for sex. Before bed we explore the planet, take Garrus and Ashley. Total 8 the apostate. Day 4 Burning Ashley in the crew cabin. Select the option "Great Tits! Before bed we explore the planet, take Garrus and Aria.

Total 9 the apostate. Day 5 Buy butt plug. Pick Up Jack.

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Bonus 63?? Day 6 Buy masturbator. In the left hold collected 41 cu. The penny can be found in the toilet. Day 7 Get funding Alliance 75 cu. Look in the medical Bay, Miranda fuck, using anal be. In dialogue with the Penny choose "I fucked her", we get 10 influence. Total 14 the backslider. Day 8 Buy wine Day 9 We go to Jack, watching the cutscene.

Choose a bonus the third option in the dialogue. Before bed go to bed Kasumi. Take Garrus and Jack. Watch the cutscene. Day 10 Before bed go to save Samara. Bonus cu and 19 Ez. The night would go to visit Aria. Total 16 the apostate. Total 18 apostate. Day 12 Go Jack, I'll have tube more. Ordered in the store.

Also buy virtual reality goggles. Before bed go to Tuchanka. Take Aria and Jack.

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Choose "Help the krogan". Gryunt s the team of the Normandy. Bonus cu and 25 Ez. The Called Jack. Insert the tube. In the meeting room collected cu and the old, that now you can order rarities. In a dispute Aria and Kasumi are on the side of Aria. In the left hold collected cu. In the captain's cabin we get Aria. Play chess with her, select the option "incidentally, We played strip".

Before bedtime choose "to Wander around the ship. Day 14 The Called Jack. Instead of the plug insert member. Then insert the tube. Buy all rarities radio, book and the infamous cross. Before bed hanging out with Miranda. Day 15 Get funding Alliance 75 cu. Give the book to Kasumi. Before going to sleep, select the "Masturbate before going to sleep" and "Use virtual reality glasses". A visit to look Liara. Day 16 Go to sick Bay, talking with Penny her second costumeopen the third suit Go to the lounge area, watch the cutscene. In the evening called the Penny.

From lust effect walkthrough moment begins the seduction of the Penny. Buy in the store stack. Watch the cutscene, which interrupts Samantha. Day 17 Stack arrived applied to the Penny. Buy a set of vibrators. Before bed hanging out with Garrus. Select "Just chat" will get more influence. Looking forward for next time.

Day 18 Profit vibrators used on the Penny. Watch the cutscene in the overview module. Before going to sleep again, hanging out with Garrus. Ask about Tali. See photo. Day 19 Get funding Alliance 75 cu. Buy piercings.

Ask about Tali and about the gift. Day 20 Came the piercing used on the Penny. Called Tali, select "Garrus Have a gift for you". Day 21 Used in the Penny virtual reality glasses. Day 22 Used in the Penny masturbator. Before going to sleep exploring the planet. Take Tali and Grunt. Day 23 We go to the seduction of the Penny, watch the cutscene. Liara is totally depraved. From this point we can say with Gruntam, but still not enough renegade for the opening scene with Samantha.

Again, take Tali and Grunt. Bonus 35 Ez. Day 24 The money for the plot need only after 30 days culust effect walkthrough you can buy magazines. Seeing the cutscene in the kitchen. Before sleep we fly to the planet, take Tali again and Grunt. A total of 19 renegade.

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Day 26 Look in the cockpit, watch a cutscene. The choice of the variant on the outcome of the dialogue is not affected. Look in the left below, find the tube. Go to the right hold, watch the cutscene. We learn that Jack is a virgin. Becomes available the second suit Jack. Watch the cutscene in medical. In the dialogue with Garrus, select "I understand". Before bed go in search of lust effect walkthrough for AI with Ashley. Bonus cu 40 Ez. In the scene with Ashley choosing to "Observe" and "to Masturbate". Total 21 the apostate. Day 27 Appears Gerhard Reeves.

Talk with alkaram. We learn from him about the volatile gas. Go to Grunty, please beat on the pear. Select "don't try to hold me", look photos. Back in the captain's cabin, talking with Samantha. Before going to sleep looking for in the wreckage of the gas GR Get gas and bonus 15 cu. Total 26 the apostate. Day 28 Go to elcoro, ask about the gas.

Lust effect walkthrough

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Lust Affect Full Walkthrough (V)