Ikinari anata ni koishiteiru

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Forgot your password? By EclipsedApril 10, in Walkthroughs. You're a healthy young male so maybe it's impossible to avoid it but How long are you going to keep groping me? High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji's normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles?

The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there's four heroines who are already at max affection with him. You may play in any order you like based on your preferences. Route Guideline. Never got around to fully testing; PM me if otherwise. Yourou Tsumugu. Onigase Tane. Yanagise Eika.

Yukawa Ryou. This walkthrough was created, formatted, and tested by Eclipsed.

Yes, this walkthrough has the most views ands 'his' credentials on it, but it wasn't created by him, he just stole it bwahahaha, try again! Special thanks for information provided by predecessors who attempted to make this walkthrough Sioxz, HackRabbits.

Existing user? Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru. Recommended Posts. Eclipsed Posted April 10, Posted April 10, Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru Summary "Choujo-sama Yourou Tsumugu Spoiler. Choose any It might be something important again. Check it.

No thank you. Open the message. Good End Spoiler. What did you say? For a bout?

Are we gonna fight or something? Well, yeah but I'm the one displeased here Wait, me? Take on a girl? I can't get serious against a girl Don't do anything.

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Ikinari anata ni koishiteiru

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