Has angelina jolie ever been nude

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You know Angelina Jolie. Unlike most other sexy female celebs that shine for a movie or two, Angelina Jolie has been super famous for a really long time.

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Her filmography is long and consistently entertaining. We almost forgot. There are only a handful of pictures in each film but all of them are pretty darn hot. Shall we continue with Hackers and Wanted ? During this time, Jolie got naked in two movies, Mojave Moon and Foxfire. Fast forward two years to Her role in the TV show Gia featured intense nudity and lesbian sex scenes. It was glorious. Inshe decided to do some nude love-making with Antonio Banderas in Original Sin.

The film bombed at the box-office but at least we got to see some titties, right?

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She followed that up with yet another sex scene with Ethan Hawke in Taking Lives Lucky Ethan got to feel her up, grrrhh. This movie is interesting for several reasons. Yes, she had her breasts removed as a preventive measure against cancer. We debated whether we should include these despicable pictures but thought heck, why not? Sorry, Angie. This has been a long blog post.

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A fitting farewell to the beautiful Jolie for now. If you love Angelina Jolieshare this post on Facebook or Twitter so everyone can get to see these amazing pictures!

Has angelina jolie ever been nude

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