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I need free yaoi manga! Where can I read gay porn comics with love between males, Porn Dude? For you boring guys who do not know what yaoi manga is, you are missing out. But do not worry, I am here to tell you exactly what it is. In essence, yaoi is a love story between two men in manga form, but not just any old boring gay manga — like any good gay love story, there a butt load of buggery.

I tell you, when the two men in this kind of manga get together, I get wetter than the Niagara Falls. It is so hot and sexy that any woman who re this will keep wanting more until there is no more left. These sites give you all the kinds of yaoi-style manga you could possibly think of. The way that the men love each other in these stories do not just get you pussy free gay yaio, but it will make your heart flutter and sing. If you have not tried it yet, you are definitely missing out. Luckily, you get this chance to change your sex life for the better, but only if you check these sites out.

What kind of full yaoi manga comics can you find on these sites? Everything from simple hand drawn pics of anime-style guys with nice dicks to complete manga epics in both English and Japanese. Between the sixteen websites listed here, you're going to find porn peddlers who deliver to nearly every desire and inclination. Some free gay yaio more general while others cater to a certain niche while presenting a few, unique bonus features, so go on and dive right in! What are the best yaoi manga and gay porn comic sites in ? My Reading Manga — Let's start with a well-rounded site.

There's a good selection and from what you get the quality is top-notch. The site de is a little wonky, but everything is labeled, categorized and tagged well. When you click on a link, you're taken to a new tab which lo the entire cookbook, so you don't need to click to go to the next.

Instead, you can just continue to scroll on down and drink in the entire erotic experience at your leisure. Yaoi Manga Online — The de is decent, and the selection is okay, but the best part about this site is the quality of the manga itself. Each panel in damn near every volume is well crafted as are the stories. Everything is free to read, and most of the manga has been translated into English.

Overall, it ain't bad. Yaoi Otaku — There isn't a huge amount of yaoi manga, but from what you do get access to the smut's pretty good. The site's de is simple but superb, and they allow you to download the content which you enjoy reading. I looked through some of it, and while gay comic porn isn't my thing, I'm sure you'll do a lot of downlo.

In addition yaoi manga, there are yaoi-themed novels, movies, anime which you can download or buy as well. Plus, unlike most of the sites listed here, there free gay yaio a forum, too. Mangago — Being easily one of the best and most well-rounded websites on this list, everyone how likes yaoi should check Mangago out. Even if you don't think that you'd be all that into it or you're new to the whole animated erotic entertainment thing, this site is perfect for your first time to enter into the wild world of yaoi. The site de is awesome, there are a series of niches to chose from which range from vanilla to taboo, and load times are fairly fast.

A lot of the content is black-and-white, but the animation quality like the fidelity is great and the stories are well written. Yaoi Haven Reborn — This fan-funded yaoi platform features all sorts of specialty niches, but most have a common theme: shotacon. For those not in the know, that kind of porn features extremely young looking characters in erotic comics. And I don't just mean that they're drawn in cute poses either. It tots isn't for me, but if that's your thing go for it, I guess.

If you want to check it out for free gay yaio keep in mind that it isn't illegal, but I wouldn't show it off to your office mates at work. Manga Home — This resource is a great for hardcore manga enthusiasts who happen to also like yaoi. If you really love this website, you can get specialty optimized access to erotic manga by downloading the Manga Home app through the Apple or Android app store.

Manga Hasu — The yaoi posted here clearly has been made to find a balance between eroticism and romance. So no, you're not going to find sex on every otherbut you're not going to drown in romantic drama after three volumes either. Rather the material ed here re like watching an old fashioned Chinese porno: lots of plot and character development which builds up to an emotional and erotic climax. So, I think both casual and hardcore yaoi readers, as well as manga enthusiasts who aren't into manga porn, will find something they like on this site.

In fact, the res for just about all the uplo is pretty good.

Some of the manga is in black-and-white photocopies which are incomplete and untranslated, while some artwork especially the original pieces and fan-fucking-tastic. On a positive note, it looks to me like a lot of the stuff which has been ed is uncensored and the load times are pretty quick. And finally, the range of smut you have to chose from when it comes to genre is great. XcartX — This is a hentai sharing site which has been stripped down to its basics. The ratings for each comic is shown right on the thumbnail as are the of s.

Length for each volume varies and can be as short as three s or go well over fifty. Some of the material is original, but a lot of it looks like it's parody porn to me — and virtually none of it is vanilla. In any case, the high rated stuff, like you might free gay yaio, is awesome and the quality of everything else matches its rating. SVS Comics — Using a dark gray background and hosting hentai which is more on the macabre and occult side, this site is for you fag fappers who are into spooky sexy stuff.

To be honest, the quality of the material is often pretty damn good and does feature a range of Halloween-type scenes and premises. Rather than be able to read each frame on screen, you'll have to download each volume as a file, but from what I can tell, this site seems to be secure. Oh, and another warning, this isn't an exclusively gay site so you will see hetero-oriented erotic manga. HD Porn Comics — You want porn in high definition, you got it!

The site de sucks ass, but the selection doesn't.

Besides traditional hentai and erotic fan art, there are tons of Western gay comics, too. In fact, when I checked a volume of Rage! The Gay Crusader had been posted.

For those unaware, Rage was a fictitious fictional yes, you read that right comicbook character created by a couple of characters on the American version of Queer As Folk. Anyway, someone turned that fictitious character in a real fictional character and made a whole comic series for fans of the show to enjoy and fap to. The comic book ain't bad, and neither is the show, so I'd take a look if I were you. My Hentai Comics — The wonderful thing about the world of animation is that the only limits to what you can fantasize over are limited only to how good you are with your hand and what you can imagine.

Come to think of it, that's the kind like the mental porn we'd all "direct" and jack to before discovering the real thing. Anyway, that unique quality is on full display on MHC since you'll find some of the more…I'll say unique hentai on free gay yaio web.

In addition to relatively tame American-style hentai, there are chicks and cats with dicks, feminine faced women with male torsos, and dinosaurs with dre and two sets of tails if you know what I mean. Erofus — Featuring both Japanese and Western art styles, along with computer generated porn, this site is packed with a diverse range of cartoon fudge packing. Load times are lightning fast and to make things even better, you can get it all for free. However, in its modern incarnation, bara focuses on beefy guys.

And by that, I don't mean American chubsters, bodybuilder-types, or dudes who have only a little extra muscle on their frame but guys with soft ass, round bellies, and big muscles. In other words, think of a muscle bear without all of the body hair.

Or they can look just like that, but be a bit more shredded.

Obviously, those kinds of guys are the focus on this aggregator, so if that's your thing or even if it isn't check it out and enjoy. A lot of the content is parodying famous works, though there is still a good deal of original material as well. I should warn you that since this site only aggregates material you should be careful — you might be taken to a tab which downs you in malware.

There are of course some steamy scenes, but they tend to be sandwiched between s of intense romantic drama.

Good news for you romantic types, the horny boys may want to skip this one, though. Overall, the site looks and feels great, although I did find that some books take a while to lo. So, I do recommend using Firefox to increase load times. Want more info? Then check out the full reviews linked below, and after that, click on over to the websites themselves. Why is this genre mostly written by women, if it targets gay men? For the same reason that most lesbian porn is made by men.

Free gay yaio

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