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Toggle Toons Empire. in with Facebook. address:. Password recovery. Your working address:. Choose a password:. Prove your identity:. Newest Top Rated. Added: 11 years ago in Family Guy. What with her husband Peter at work and Chris, their son, and Meg, their daughter, off to school, it was her private time for a nice leisurely bath. Refreshed, she came out of the bathroom wearing only her robe and went into her bedroom to change.

The family dog, Brian, h. Added: 8 years ago in Family Guy. Would She Dare Lois had long kept quiet about a desire to participate in a threesome with a man and another woman. She was no lesbian not even really bisexual. But she did like looking at pretty young woman and she thought the sight of another naked woman making love to the same man as her would erotic family guy highly erotic.

And if she were honest with herself she found the idea of erotic family guy few accidental brushes of soft silky fem. Some what worried she quickly walked over to his half open door and looked in on him. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw her son lying on his bed stark naked rapidly stroking his massive thick cock.

Lois burst into. Added: 12 years ago in Family Guy. Added: 10 years ago in Family Guy. Family Guy Chris Fucks Meg Meg lay asleep in her bed like she did every morning when her mom woke her up for another day of school. Meg shook the morning grogginess from her head and headed for the bathroom. She took her usually place in front of the toilet for her morning piss. She let out her long stream while rubbing the base of her shaft and thinking about the day to come.

After finishing she hopped in the shower and tu. Bound Together Part 1 Peter Griffin was relaxing at home. His daughter Meg had gone out to the mall to do some shopping and his wife Lois had gone to town to do the same. His wife had been gone about 3 hours before she returned home. Lois was wearing a short black s. Added: 7 years erotic family guy in Family Guy. Meg And Chris' Day "Kids, going to the vets now, try not to kill each other! An hour into the kid's alone time Chris heard an animous moaning noise coming from Meg's room, suspecting the Evil Monkey was hurting Meg, he ran upstairs to help her, instead he discovered Meg using Lo.

Added: 9 years ago in Family Guy. Meg And Chris "Kids, going to the vets now, try not to kill each other! An hour into the kid's alone time Chris heard an animous moaning noise coming from Meg's room, suspecting the Evil Monkey was hurting Meg, he ran upstairs to help her, instead he discovered Meg us. A Long time cumming After a big fight with peter louis goes to talk to glen. The story follows around Meg getting a spellbook for her birthday, which would have been a great thing to find out had it not been revealed in I don't know, the title?

But I'm kidding. The Spellbook is much unlike anything I have ever read, but since no one likes it when you flame a Meg fic, le. Peter and Brian's fuck deal part 1 Peter "oh crap" Brian "what" Peter "the these bills are too much,I do or give anything not to pay bills ever again" Brian "well oh nothing" Peter "what" Brian "I have enough meony to pay your bills for life but the thing I want what you and Lois would never give me" Peter "You wanna fuck her" Brian "yeah" Peter "you can if you do this but only 1 time every y. Lois called. Fine, I bedown in a minute, He yelled back.

Gees, cant a man get a damnshower. He thought to himself. Peter got out of theshower and got the towel. Then he hard and RIP. The he turned aroundand his eyes got big. Ummmmm, Lois I ripped the towel. Lois said to herself. Well, putt it in the. Itsfinally here! Well, I guess Ill take some stufffrom the movie! Onto the story! Disclaimer: I dont own Family Guy. Well, if it isnt littleStewie! Stewie jumped out of Lois arms andstared at the man. Oh my God, sai. Introduction: Meg griffin's first sexual experiences Im so excited that I finally got a boyfriend, but he doesnt know my little secret yet.

There is a reason why Im the least liked person in the Griffin family. Im not really a girl. I was born as a boy, and as a joke they named me meg, then got drunk and forgot I was really a boy. Anyways, I have a date with Erotic family guy tomorrow.

Since Im under 18, we cant go out in public. He said we would just take. Some asian guyscome out of it and moored it to the dock. A guard then walks to them. Excuseme, guys said the guard. Do you have permission to moor here? Yessaid one of the asian guys, while looking for something in hispocket. And do you like Brian??

Also why do you want tohave world domination? StewiesReply: I am bisexual. I was originally gay, but whoever created me,has made me bi. I do like Brian, and he willbemine, one day.

What are you talking about? Megs Boyfriend Chapter 6 Disclaimer:Take a wild guess. Chapter6: Keeping a SecretThevery next day, Zack was downstairs eating cereal. His head was stillthrobbing fromthefight with the jocks. Meg then walked into the kitchen to talk withZack.

Conker had been taken into theGriffin house and things were bound to get interesting as a result. Conker roamed aroundthe house and asked, Hey, guys do you gots any beer?

Im indesperate need of some. Im sure youllfind some, Chris stated, Dad probably has lots in the fridge. Peter turned to him andstated, Probably have so. The Spellbook Chapter 33 AnnouncementWell,since writing chapters is becoming really hard to me lately, I thinkthat time has come to write a fanmail chapter.

Youcan ask questions to any character you want myself included. Youcan send the questions via review or PM. Also, try to ask as manyquestions as you can imagine, I want this chapter to be long. Well,thats all. Ill be waiting for your questions! I dont care. Theyre both as bad as eachother. You decide. Idont have any friends. Im true, andloy. Zack was paying for it. Little did they know, Lois andPeter where spying on them withing one of the clothes holders.

Well, the crisis was over and everyone was sure therift deal was over with.

Erotic family guy

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