Eros escort reviews

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As you may or may not know, the escorts parading around America online are not my thing. That holds especially true for the Eros. I get it, there are guys out there that just swear they cannot find a single woman on this planet that will have sex with them.

I also understand that some guys have that fetish where they see sex as a power thing, and it makes them get off to have a woman doing what he wants for money. But, you do you and if hiring a sex worker is your thing, just remember it is still illegal here in the U. Because I have readers from all walks of life, I know that some of you guys do still look for escort sites where you can find someone to share an hour or so with for money. Unfortunately, the creators of escort sites are rarely looking out for you or the escorts who advertise their services.

Eros is one of the sites I decided to take a look at to determine its legitimacy. Eros is an escort site mainly catering to guys in the U. Eros is a site built for advertising. Here are the four things I noticed that make me think that Eros is not a legit site and will not get you laid, either for free or by paying for sex.

I have been on so many dating sites and trust me, all of them have advertising. This is just something they do, and I get that. Every single thing you click on that you think is site-related is typically a link to another site and dating sites have gotten to be experts at hiding that fact. Eros is really no different. They even have a to boast about the way they help their partners with eros escort reviews. Yes, this is totally legal. To me, this is just a very easy way to get your inbox blown up with spam, your personal information linked to some shadier sites, or even hacked.

I do suspect that these are videos and not live shows, though. They also state that are dating. Actually, there is a boatload of dirty talk like on Tinder going on but for actual meetups, those are few and far between. The women of Eros are gorgeous.

Like porn star gorgeous. Come on!

If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Trust me, these beauties have had their pictures stolen from other places and profiles were made to make horny men believe that this is the caliber of women using Eros. You can do that by reading here. Frankie Moretti is an Italian investment banker who's a go-getter with an eye for staying ahead of trends. He's a sucker for hot women, data, fine wine and likes to take things to the extreme in all aspects of life. This site is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You do not have permission to copy anything on this site and doing so will lead to legal ramifications.

Frankie Moretti Frankie Moretti is an Italian investment banker who's a go-getter with an eye for staying ahead of trends. Read Review. Here.

Eros escort reviews

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