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Our campaign walkthrough only shows you how to complete the mission. Information about the secrets and collectibles are in separate chapters! The mission starts on a moving train. Fight the demons and then go to the mechanism and destroy it with your fist. As soon as you get to the Base, you will encounter another wave of enemies. After winning, jump on the platform with lasers, climb the wall and jump to another area.

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There you will encounter a new enemy, Pinky. These enemies have vulnerable tails and very resistant front.

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After the battle, enter the green portal. In the next area, you will find e.

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Go forward and you will leave the facility. Now you need to jump on the hanging coffin and grab it - be careful because the coffin will start to descend in a few seconds. Jump from one coffin to another and then to the platform.

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From here eliminate drag ranak have to climb up the wall and go through the door. After a while, you will come across another coffin - jump on it and then on another one levitating below. From here, jump to the smaller platform next to you and jump on the climbing wall.

You will get to the foundry, where you will face a bunch of monsters. After the battle, jump on the chest and on the platform - go through the door. A little further on, you will need to jump towards the crushers. Shoot the button, jump on the column and aim the jump to avoid being crushed. Fight your opponents and keep going through the corridors. Soon, you will have to make another jump - jump towards the coffin and grab it. Grab another coffin above you and jump to the other side. Kill the enemies and use the switch.

Jump on the circular platform. From here you need to make several jumps on the climbing walls - your goal is to reach a small room with a switch.

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Use the button and jump on the wall in front of you, then slightly to the right to the next platform. Kill the demons and prepare for another platforming section. Jump on the bar and jump then towards the coffin. Then jump to the next part of the map.

Go through the door and go deeper into the building.

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The path is quite linear and shouldn't cause you much trouble. Go outside - you have to make even more jumps. Keep jumping until you get to the platform surrounded by red discharges. From there, you must shoot the green button at the top and jump to the bridge. Go through another gate.

Watch the cut-scene - you will fight the Doom Hunter boss. The strategy for this fight can be found in one of the chapters. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Doom Eternal Game Guide. Levels walkthrough. Doom Hunter Base. Table of Contents.

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Game Modes. Invasion mode Battlemode Extra Life Mode. FAQ - frequently asked questions Combat. Marauders - how to defeat them? Archvile - how to easily defeat him? Sword - what enemies to kill with it? Supplies - how to quickly replenish? Extra lives - what are they? BFG - how to get it and when to use? Red shield - what does it do?

Best weapons - which ones? Sentinel Armor - what is it? Big eyes in Nekravol - how to destroy? Cacodemons - how to kill them easily? Grappling hook - how to use it? Death - how to avoid? Missile incoming - how to react? Collectibles and exploration. Fast travel option - how can I use it? Question mark - what does it mean? Remote ledges - how to get to them? Slayer Eliminate drag ranak - what are they? Blue orbs - what are they for? Master of Fasting, how to unlock? Fortress question mark - how to reach? What should I know before playing? How long to beat the game?

Preload, downloading - when to start? Mission challenges - how to unlock? Cheat codes - how to unlock? Hero appearance - how to change it? Classic Weapon View - how to enable? Photo mode - how to start? Doom 1 and Doom 2 - how to play? Point of no return - is there any? PC in the Fortress of Doom, what for?

Eliminate drag ranak

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Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base Walkthrough