Cuckold daughter tumblr

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Because his cock is way better than yours. I told him I felt the same way because i hate your pathetic cock. But the husband wants to hear them more and more.

Do everyone a favor, and encourage the Hotwife to learn how to talk that way to her husband. Give your cuck husband what he wants, so that he will keep encouraging you to go back for more. It all benefits you! Posts Following Archive. How many times have I heard that….

The key to cuckolding a husband is the wife Cuckolds want to be teased and taunted with comments that might seem hurtful to you but it is not. His cock is much bigger than yours.

To be honest, I prefer it to yours. I get hornier for him than I do for you. I plan to start going to him when I need sex. He can fuck me any time any day he wants.

I love you, but he satisfies me way better than you. He wanted me to stay over and fuck me. He has stopped using condoms. During sex I love his cock much better than yours! During sex Watch and learn from him.

During sex I would do anything he says right now. After sex That was the best I ever had. After sex You never shot a load this big in me.

Actually want you to. I did. I wish baby was like this. Story of my life….

Cuckold daughter tumblr

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