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I've done some research, but with all theses sponsorship and paid article, it's really hard to find some trustworthy reviews about mobile game. I've never played any mobile game. What do you recommand me to past theses longs hours? I don't mind buying a game, what would be the 'must-have' mobile game to play on android?

On a side note, I cannot install TFT, since my device is incompatible? Retro opem world rpg. Check it out. It's in playstore.

Is katana the best? I've played so many, and a couple do it differently. Paid is fine, I've been looking for something to use the stylus with and this seems perfect. If you looking for a good source for review games take a look into MiniReview app. Its from a reddit user who reviews games on a weekly basis on this subreddit or at least he use to do it.

Dead Cells this is my go game at the moment, easy to get in, battery lasts for ages, very easy screen controls Be sure to turn auto attack on while you are familiarizing with the gamebrilliant port from a PC game. Ticket to Earth - This would be my top recommendation if you want to try a paid game.

The story is well-developed and really draws you in, and all elements of game play are well-connected and intertwined with the story, making it absolutely wonderful. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - considered one of the best games for the Metroidvania genre, old and classic. Bad North: Jotunn Edition - great little gem for a rougelike rts game, looks gorgeous. Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Jrpg game with a fantastic adaptation to Android.

Grimvalor - One of the best action rpgs for Android, the only problem I found is once you done with the story there is actually nothing more to do with it, at least when I played. Florence - Unique little game with small and easy puzzles, just a different experience of a game really. Troll Patrol - You will probably see this game recommended several times and for a good reason.

Free and nice to play, the dev is very active on this community. Also, you can consider 2 games that are currently played a lot: Genshin Impact and Among us. Best android game reddit you might want to consider the google game pass just for the start where you can try lo of games, its probably worth it for you.

Waw thanks you for this very detailled answers, i'll look into all theses games, awesome : I have some issues to connect my ps4 controller via bluetooth tho, it doesnt get recognize from my tablet, but i've bought a cable, it should do the tricks! I'll be able to enjoy theses games you proposed! Thanks best android game reddit, much appreciate it. Simple gameplay but satisfying.

Monster Hunter Stories is a really great port. It's a Pokemon-esque spinoff of the Monster Hunter series. Pirates Outlaws is a fun Slay the Spire kind of game. Devil's Attorney is a must play. When is slay the spire coming out on Android? I feel like it's been months since they said soon? Thanks man! Hell no to brawl stars. I think its an experiment to catalogue the dumbest people on the planet for their eventual removal to the island of idiots. Because boy does it attract the absolute dumbest players.

Ive never seen so many incredibly stupid people in one game. Very realistic game physics and graphics. You can also farm in their Career Mode, which is the best way to spend more hours playing. Siege of dragonspear looks awesome, its like a baldur's gate! Thanks :. Thanks to everyone, I've downloaded most of the game yall suggest me, but I forgot and didnt know I could use a controller to play on my tablet : I'll try to get one at the airport, I should be there in 30min and have some wait before getting on the plane! Mobile gaming have evolved a lot since the last time I checked it a few years earlier, in 'ish, where it was mostly candy crush, clash of clans and theses types of gamed.

I'm really surprised of the quality of nowadays mobile game, its a good thing!! There's an emulator called Drastic and you can get DS games for it. In particular I had fun with Golden Sun. It's on my list to play.

Not much, really. Stardew Valley is highly recommended off of the top of my head. New to android games. What are the best games? Posted by 10 months ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Games list I recommend: Dead Cells this is my go game at the moment, easy to get in, battery lasts for ages, very easy screen controls Be sure to turn auto attack on while you are familiarizing with the gamebrilliant port from a PC game.

Just from skimming my games list The Kingdom Rush series are good tower defense games. Pirates Outlaws Pretty good game, but kindda grindy. Oceanhorn, Swordigo, Polytopia. Fire Emblem Cat Quest Oddmar. I'll try it thanks :. More posts from the AndroidGaming community.

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