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Although it is now called AnonImages instead of AnonMe, nothing else seems to have changed for the infamous website. The website somehow runs unchecked. What is AnonMe about exactly and why are we still dealing with these kinds of platforms? AnonMe is a non-consensual pornography NCP image board, also called a revenge porn site, which allows users to post adverts asking for information about someone specific. Personal details such as photographs, videos and even workplaces are then provided by other users on the platform, which the subjects obviously do not consent to being shared.

The requested content is then shared by anonymous users without any explanation on where it came from in the first place. Things had been quiet since then, but not forgotten as Reddit and 4chan users still posted about Anon-IB from time to time, asking where the new alternative could be found. While it seems unlikely that the exact same people who ran the first site are running the new versions of it that appeared between until now, users have flocked to it regardless with many requesting content they remember from the original site.

However in this case, newer seems to implicate crueller too. Of course, none anonme nudes these websites can be applauded but it is clear that revenge porn and the platforms that host it are only getting worse and worse, and so is their impact. Similarly to the Fappening or Anon-IB ly, tracking the person or people behind AnonMe remains hard to achieve. On top of that, AnonMe is protected by the internet security firm Cloudflare, which protects websites from malicious floods of traffic. Surprisingly, it is not the first time Cloudflare has run into controversy.

In the past, the security firm also protected sites dedicated to hateful content such as 8chan and neo-Nazi websites. Meanwhile, inCloudfare banned a site that was meant to help sex workers stay safe, which endangered many sex workers by pushing them off internet platforms. Long story short, the people behind AnonMe remain anonymous—for now, unfortunately. This website and the behaviour it promotes does nothing less than to encourage and promote a predatory mindset, bringing abuse and stalking along with it.

While websites like this are still able to run, the people behind them run free too.

Instead of making elaborate plans to stop teenagers from enjoying a bit of porn here and thereshould we not focus on the source of the problems that some porn websites truly represent? Charities including the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children NSPCC and Meic —a helpline for younger people in Wales—are concerned that more young people have been sharing naked images of themselves during lockdown. They both said staff have seen an important increase since the anonme nudes of lockdown in March. With the ificant increase in the time teenagers are spending online comes a lack of face-to-face interaction, which can be seen as a factor to this new spike in sextortion.

People—teenagers included—are at home alone and wanting intimacy. Sextortion is defined as a type of revenge porn that employs non-physical forms of coercion to extort sexual favours from the victim. In other words, it is when someone tries to extort either money or sexual favours from someone else by threatening to reveal evidence of their sexual activity.

In this case, sexting blackmail is a specific aspect of sextortion where people share nudes with someone who then blackmails them or decide to share their pictures without their consent. During lockdown, sexting blackmail saw a spike in the UK. While sending nudes at a certain age is nothing to worry about, being pressured to do so at an early age can often be a of a controlling relationship.

It is illegal for unders to send or receive nudes. And, during lockdown, despite campaigns created to tackle this, many risks to younger people have been overlooked.

And girls are the ones to see the repercussions. One year-old girl who remained anonymous was duped into sending sexual photographs to someone anonme nudes met online, who she has now found out is an adult posing as someone else. She contacted ChildLine and explained she met her blackmailer on Instagram and developed an online relationship with him.

She added that she was too scared to tell her mum in case she got into trouble. Because it is illegal for unders to send or receive nudes, this kind of situation can result in a vicious circle of blackmail, which can lead to bullying from other young people. Young people can then receive more blackmail anonme nudes send further images. In order to tackle this problem, young people are urged to seek support from an adult. Children and young people can speak with Line counsellor online or on the phone between and midnight on 11 11 or can also contact Meic in an online chat.

Toxic masculinity. Want to protest against AnonMe? Stay informed! up to our newsletter to do so! Popular Re. By Jack Ramage Behind the Instagram posting from inside a life-threatening refugee camp. Everything you need to know about revenge porn site AnonMe. Keep On Reading. Human rights. Want to receive more news in your mailbox? up to our newsletter. Sextortion and sexting blackmail spike during lockdown.

Anonme nudes

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Revenge porn website 'anonme' running unchecked in Australia