Adult furry stories

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And I know its tempting to skip to the sex but please read the whole thing it will make more sense. Also this is a furry story, if you don't like yiff don't read it and if you feel the urge to tell my how much you don't like furries, please resist that temptation. Six months adult furry stories what was said to be one third but looks like one half of the human population began to grow animalistic features. He woke up with a silky black coat of fur a long tail and whiskers, at first he thought he was dreaming but slowly realized he was not.

First there was shock, then came the TV reports which terrified many but comforted those who changed. Within a week a huge portion of people were full hybrids they call them now. That has happened before and nothing happened, heavy research is being done as to its cause. The panic calmed down after about a month no more calls about werewolves or Sasquatch driving to work. The world pretty much has accepted this; the attention has now turned to figuring out if the stereotypes are true, foxes are cunning or if the bunnies are nymphos.

His attention snapped back to his English teacher who had just wrapped up the class. As the class filed into the hallway talking to one another the sound of shoes on the tile combined with the sound of retracted claws and p shuffling along. The custodian was seen pushing his cart of cleaning stuff and trash through the hall, he was wearing a face mask and his eyes looked red.

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Shane felt bad about that, he knew he was allergic to cats. Next was science class this had been fun the last few months, they had been scheduled to learn how animals and humans were linked by an evolutionary chain. Now the teacher and science community together have no idea how anything works anymore. They moved to working on chemistry instead, Shane hated this. There were too many easy ways to get your fur caught on fire, dissolved or even turned white as was discovered by his friend Laurie last week. She was short before the change and now she was a grey mouse with big ears and a tail that was constantly getting shut in doors.

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The bell rang just as he found his seat in the classroom, it was a lab day he could see the burners and jars set out already. Again someone whose transformation somehow fit; the wrestling champion got turned into a bear. There were three people in the lab group besides Shane; Wezz, Kari and Cori. She dresses in unflattering clothing Shane has a hunch she would get more attention if she wore something else, she could look hot if she wanted.

Cori however missed no opportunity to get attention, a pure white fox who flirted with every guy she could.

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As the teacher read the names of the groups out loud Shane and Wezz shot glances at each other and grinned. Wezz slit open the packet with a claw as he was so fond of doing, he was proud of his powerful physique. As they approached their ased lab table Cori was already there making sure she would be in a spot where she could avoid lighting her puffy tail on fire.

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She shot them both a look that could stop a bear in his tracks; and in fact, it did. Wezz stopped and stared at her for a couple moments you could almost see adult furry stories willing her tight sports shorts off. Shane continued forward although obviously checking Cori out. She grinned and winked in their direction. They got to working on their lab and Kari ended up explaining it to them all because she was the only one who had read the material.

They were waiting for their concoction to boil off for a while and Cori picked up a large test tube and began to play with it, Wezz and Cori were memorized as she griped it and almost made jerking motions with it. She stepped closer to Wezz as Kari continued with their lab. Wezz and Shane exchanged hopeful glances. At that moment the bell rang, time for lunch. The group broke up to after they ate. Wezz stepped into the hallway and looked around.

He felt a tug on his arm; Cori was standing in the door of a maintenance closet motioning him in. She closed the door behind them and flipped on the light. It was a small room, it had a folding chair in it wedged into the corner, this was mostly a pipe closet with valves and levers controlling the water. The chair creaked under his weight as he set his bulk into it. He was big and heavy, but it was all muscle.

She got close to him and sat in his lap with the biggest mischievous grin he had ever seen she ran her hands quickly all over him and kissed him. She shifted her rump in his crotch teasing the erection adult furry stories had been trying to hide for a while now. She slipped a hand down his pants and gripped his member.

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Wezz flinched at the sensation of someone else grabbing his cock. She pulled down his pants easily as they were elastic sports pants. His dick was proportional to his bulk large and thick. She licked her lips and took it all into her muzzle down to the hilt. She did not bob her head right off the bat she paused to take in the scent of his crotch with her face buried in it. She looked up still unmoving at his face which was locked in an expression of extreme effort.

She began to move her head up and down on his cock, Wezz gripped the arms of adult furry stories chair extending his claws on his hands and feet. She stops blowing him and grips the base of his bearcock with her slender fingers. Wezz nodded he was focusing on the sensations racing from his loins. She seemed to enjoy having his sensations under her control, she could ask for anything now and she would probably get it and she knew it. Would you take me right now? She buried his cock in her face again. She knew the s very well and removed her mouth and stroked him vigorously.

Adult furry stories

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