A spell for all gabby

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You knock on the door, a little unclear on how you are going to approach Ellie but sure you can wing something. The door opens and you see a tall gorgeous blonde woman smiling at you. She speaks to you with a slight accent that you cannot quite place, "Hello there I'm Carol Bartel, nice day! What is it you want? If you are for my wife Sally, she is away doing a business trip. As you consider your reply your eyes are almost unconsciously drawn to her large and you would guess natural breasts.

You quickly look back up, and you see her smile, she must be very used to people admiring her. Personality Notes - from slavic country originally, speaks with a slight accent - a lesbian, married to Sally Bartel - not employed a bit of a trophy-wife - flitaceous, likes 'naughty' banter - secretly having an affair with Kristin - good relationship with her daughter person.

She ed Glenvale High two years ago and, for a while, every guy tried to hit on her. Some rumors got around that she was available, and that jerk Davy Robbins claimed to have to have gotten into her pants. That was before you knew her better and you cannot see how that could be true. Davy has always seemed to be a bit of a timid letch to you, then again he always got on well with Mr Beasley at school, as they say 'like is drawn to like' Despite the rumours and what others think, she is okay if you speak to her the right way, a little aggressive, more likely to slap than yell.

You a spell for all gabby become friends with her, though you would like it to be more. Personality Notes - Aggressive, more likely to hit you than yell.

Vengance is always carried out - quick to judge and holds a grudge Hmm, why does the player like her? Looking around you can see Mrs. Granger is alone and you curse silently to yourself. Not wanting to appear rude you wait until you are in the front room. Well that certainly explains where Kate got her brains from, and looking at Mrs.

Granger now, at lot of her beauty as well! He was reading up a lot on the legendary book of spells the warlock was supposed to have, but he seemed to give up on that for now. He was researching the warlock himself, his life and death. One time he mentioned something called Hellgate and also a witch named Jessica.

I have seen him meeting with his teacher Mr. Beasley often at the library I think they were working on this stuff together. Silly, he has no chance with her, she is athletic, smart and forthright, everything Davy is not! On the murder path directly sends Anita to kill you - obsessed by magic and Kate - incest is a-ok person. Not being used to visitors, Mrs Robbins frowns at you. Her speech is polite but terse as she asks you what you want. Personality Notes - Dominant, and controlling she locks away Tina on her own initiative - is rude to people she does not know or like - Dresses-up as a dominatrix for role-playing with her husband - Davy is her favourite per.

Robbins has thrown you into her bedroom and locked the door. You check the window to find it barred. There is no way out and Davy is sure to come home soon to subject you to his power. As soon as I arrived home from college Mom grabbed me and locked me in here.

She even took most of my clothing saying I would not be needing them. Can drain mana from others - does not get a spell for all gabby well with Davy, makes some spitefull comments about him when discussing Kate "Silly, he has no chance with her, she is athletic, smart and forthright, everything Davy is not! She works here part-time running simple classes or working at the desk. A spell for all gabby does not get very much money but gets a free membership and unrestricted use of the gym for her family. While you have never dated Amy, she is strictly a friend, you can still admire the view as she works out!

Personality Notes - a friend of yours not as close as Leanne - sexually active, hides it from you and her family - maybe gives erotic services at the gym person. She is the older sister of your friend Amy and she works at the school part-time in the administration offices. She also doubles as school-nurse when needed and she is available. Catherine is, well, sexually liberated, enjoying a wide range of lovers and experiences, and enjoys chatting about them with Amy or yourself.

You do know she keeps this side of her life separate from work, she strictly takes no students or teachers as lovers. She has not approached yourself, not wanting to damage her relationship with her sister Amy, but has commented that you are cute! You say 'Hi' to her, but she only has a moment to chat. She mentions something about an appointment with 'that slime Beasley', and then going to have a coffee with her other sister Adele. You have only once met Adele in passing, she never seems to be home when you visit, you guess she lives somewhere else.

Personality Notes - very active sexually - every one is a pervert in her eyes, or is sexually motivated - does not mix sex and the workplace, or you! She looks a little uncertain as you approach but she smiles with some confidence. I haven't seen you around town before and thought that you might be looking for a friend.

My sister and I moved into Kollam Street last week.

Glenvale is such a nice place, especially the old buildings and this park. Personality Notes - friendly, but does not like to talk about her family history - the 'reliable' sister, stayed to unpack - not particularly intellectual, looks are preferable to brains, but not dumb person. Not a prostitute like Bambi person. Tanika, your math teacher, you do not really like her, she is a rather strict and standoff-ish teacher who seldom smiles. She has a body to die for but she is either uncaring or looks down on her students. Your friend Catherine once suggested she might get off on humiliating people, and be a closet dominatrix.

Then again Catherine always assumes people are kinky, maybe she is right. Personality Notes person. A spell for all gabby you ask anything she brightly gives you advice about new exhibits and almost will not let you get a word in amongst all her recommendations. Personality Notes - a chatterbox, will talk and talk and talk - a complete exhibitionist, stays completely naked after being charmed - once charmed, believes the player is a reincarnation of a hero from legend who defeated a dragon statue in Hidden Room - immune to all effects of the Dragon Gem, can freely handle it person.

The white blouse, the skirt, silk stockings and the high heels give that away. Personality Notes - serious and hard-working - sexually repressed, "In fact my boyfriend says that I am a cold fish. Can become a slave instead based on dialogue choices person. Was passing though town before charmed by Davy or yourself - once charmed a completely loyal soldier under Davy or your command - NO morals, will kill if asked, or do basically anything at all person.

If, she wants to take the case to court of course …but that depends on her. Maybe you can alter her attitude towards you and show her a new world…the world of servitude. She must also understand that the vase belongs to you. She will see that you did not commit any crime and you could always use a good lawyer. Who knows what mess will you get into next time? She is eyeballing you warily, but after the formal introduction she asks: "Can we talk, Bob? Refers to being friends etc person.

She does seem a bit flirty, perhaps that is why your Mayor chose her for the role. The fiery red head is sitting in her office in a white shirt that barely contains her ample chest, her glasses resting seductively. She seems to have made a pretty good life for herself here. During the charm process "Yes," she says authoritatively.

Yes, I vowed as a young woman to never let myself be taken advantage of when people thought that just because I was a woman, that made me weak. Items 43 - Heirloom Necklace Esmeralda, the Gypsy person "Gypsy" Introduction The Fortune teller sits right in front of you as you look around her shop. Her mysterious appearance and her husky voice scares you a little. She seems to know you, you see it in her eyes that she is wondering about you. The place is all musky and you cannot really see much because of the dim light, but you recognise some of the items on the boards.

Crystals, stones, magic powders, candles, crucifixes and all kind of occult things you could only think of! You even see a crytal ball, the one you saw in old horror movies where the witch used these balls to tell the future. You cannot really decide if this woman is a hoax or a real fortune teller. The fortune teller starts to introduce herself to you.

I've been waiting for you! It seems otherwordly and distant. Don't hesitate! You collect your thoughts and put away your waning fears and approach her. Personality Notes - mysterious possibly an act - descendent of Jessica - knowledgable of the occult person. She looks kind of interested as you walk past. You approach the girl, as you do she gestures to you to step out of the noisy bar and you leave with her to the nearby beer-garden.

This place is so boring. I wish that there was something exciting to do around here. You ask her why she is here if it is so boring, "I'm here in town with my father, while he is here on business.

He thought I would enjoy it here while he is off in his meetings, there are a lot of stories about witches and ghosts around here and I love those spooky stories! Personality Notes - adventurous, but easily bored - a bit shallow, wants to be entertained by others - a complete innocent, emotionally and physically per. After a short time, she finishes whatever task held her attention and turns in your direction. Personality Notes - business-like - bi-sexual, maybe lesbian - having an affair with Carol person. As you enter the entry way you are met by a young woman dressed as a maid, looking a little nervous and clearly waiting for you "My Lady has asked me to tell you that she is very tired from her journey here and is retiring upstairs to take a bath.

She told me to make it clear that you are not to go upstairs to the third door on the right. With that she leaves and walks up the stair case, you cannot avoid noticing how short her skirt is and her complete lack of panties.

A spell for all gabby

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